Classic & Clear Fly Boxes


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These crystal clear beauties are also 100% American-made and come in a variety of configurations, from lined to compartmented. They have full-length brass hinge pins and easy-to-use latches. All boxes may be custom imprinted with your shop's logo at no additional charge.

Midge Fly Box

A low-profile box (4.25" x3.25" x 1.062") with five compartment configurations available and nesting feet.

MSB500 Midge box with flat foam liner
MAG500 Midge box with NEW magnet/flat foam liner
NT500 Midge box with NubbyTack liner
MSB503 Midge box with 3 long compartments
MSB506 Midge box with 6 compartments
MSB509 Midge box with 9 compartments
MSB512 Midge box with 12 compartments

Medium Clear Fly Box

Our most popular clear box (6" x 3.75" x 1") comes in five compartment configurations.

MSB600 Medium clear box with ripple foam liner
MAG600 Medium clear box with NEW magnet/ripple foam liner
NT600 Medium clear box with NubbyTack liner
MSB603 Medium clear box with 3 long compartments
MSB606 Medium clear box with 6 compartments
MSB609 Medium clear box with 9 compartments
MSB615 Medium clear box with 15 compartments

Clear Big Game Fly Box

Excellent for large patterns (8.25" x 4.25" x 1.5") and available in three configurations.

MSB700 Clear Big Game box with ripple foam liner
NT700 Clear Big Game box with NubbyTack liner
MSB703 Clear Big Game box with 3 long compartments
MSB718 Big Game box with 18 compartments

Clear Fly Box with Belt Clip

Roughly the size of the Medium Clear, but with a more rounded, ergonomic design, this box is able to be clipped to waders, belt, pocket or vest. Available with ripple foam or NubbyTack liner.

MSB650 Clear fly box with belt clip and ripple foam liner
NT650 Clear fly box with belt clip and NubyTack liner

Promotional Fly Cubes

Inexpensive 2.188"x 2.188"x 1.25" polypropylene packaging option for fly sales. Minimum order is a case of 300 pcs.

FC Fly Cubes