Bulk Displays & Gift Sets

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Capture those impulse buys with these gift sets and bulk point-of-sale displays.

Accessory Gift Packs

This high quality clear ripple foam fly box with large loop forceps, nipper and a pin-on retractor inside makes a great gift all year round.

STD Standard Accessory Gift Pack - stainless finish
DLX Deluxe Accessory Gift Pack - stainless/gold finish

Clip-On Retractor with Nippers

Matte black retractor with heavy duty 16" nylon cord and matte black Fisherman's Nipper attached.

AA894CS Retractor/Nipper Combo

Hemostat Counter Jar

Our popular 5" hemostats with either straight, straight/smooth or curved jaws.

Deal FS Straight jaws/stainless finish (60 ct)
Deal FC Curved jaws/stainless finish (60 ct)
Deal F50/50 Mix of straight/curved jaws/stainless finish (30/30 ct)
Deal FSWS Smooth, straight jaws/stainless finish (60 ct)

Forceps Counter Jar

Heavy duty, 5" forceps with large loops and smooth jaws. (36 ct)

Deal GG Smooth jaws with stainless/gold finish
Deal GB Smooth jaws with matte black finish

Leader Straightener Counter Jar

Jar of black leather and rubber LS1 leader straighteners with snap. (36 ct)

Deal H Leader straighteners with snap

Fisherman's Nipper Counter Jar

Updated 16-guage steel Fisherman's Nippers with recessed clean out pin. (60 ct)

Deal A Fisherman's Nipper – matte black finish
Deal B Fisherman's Nipper – stainless finish
Deal C Fisherman's Nipper – stainless/gold finish

Utility Nail Clipper Counter Jar

Small bulk display filled with stainless finish utility nail clippers. (60 ct)

DealAA899A Utility Clippers