Custom Imprinting

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All of the fly boxes that we offer are able to be custom imprinted with your shop or organization's logo – a great way to stretch your advertising dollar.

To qualify for free imprinting, you must order a minimum of 50 boxes. The fifty may consist of an assortment of colors, styles and sizes.

These are no set-up or impression fees, but there is a one-time charge (max of $25) for the metal imprinting dies needed for your order.

If you don't have an existing logo we'd be happy to create one for you – just follow the directions below to get started.

1. Choose box style(s) and size(s)

You may mix different sizes, styles and colors, as long as they total at least 50.

2. Choose box color(s)

Solid colored boxes are available in forest green, sand, black, maroon or orange.

3. Choose the imprint color

We use a hot-stamp process for our imprinting. Choose from black, metallic green, metallic red, metallic blue, silver or gold. Keep in mind that dark colored boxes look best with light colored print.

4. Send a copy of your existing logo

We accept most digital file formats (.eps, .tif, .jpg, .pdf) as long as they are 300 dpi or higher. We also accept clear, black and white hard copy. If you don't have an existing logo, we can put something together for you. Choose from the type styles and graphics at the left and let us know what copy to include. NO FAXED ARTWORK, PLEASE.