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Fly Hostel Fly Boxes
Fly Hostel Fly Boxes

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Fly Hostels

Item #FH
Manufacturer: Angler's Accessories

This imaginative line combines foam and magnets for the ultimate in fly storage. Each hostel has compartments with magnetic liners that hold hooks, nymphs and midges securely. Two combine these magnets with areas of foam for larger or hackled flies. All five will hold an incredible amount of flies or hooks!

FH-DRY Dry Fly Hostel Box
FH-NYMPH Nymph Fly Hostel Box
FH-RIPPLE Ripple Fly Hostel Box
FH-MIDGE Midge Hook Hostel Box
FH-STD Standard Hook Hostel Box
FH-STREAMER Streamer Hook Hostel Box