Strike Indicators & Floats


Strike indicators are one of those accessories that, though very simple, make life on the stream so much easier!

PolyVee Yarn Strike Indicators

SJR-B Black SJR-G Green
SJR-W White SJR-Y Yellow
SJR-O Orange SJR-T Tan

MiniVee Yarn Strike Indicators

SJRM-B Black SJRM-G Green
SJRM-W White SJRM-Y Yellow
SJRM-O Orange    

Rubber O-Ring Yarn Indicators

SJRR-W Black SJRR-Y Yellow
SJRR-O White    


AA-TMS Asst 1/2" AA-TMSBL Black 1/2"
AA-TMM Asst 3/4" AA-TMMBL Black 3/4"
AA-TML Asst 1" AA-TMLBL Black 1"
AA-TMSGL Glow 1/2" AA-TMLGL Glow 1"
AA-TMMGL Glow 3/4"    

Tear Drop Strike Indicators

AA3/8Or 3/8" Orange AA1/2Or 1/2" Orange
AA3/8Yel 3/8" Yellow AA1/2Yel 1/2" Yellow
AA5/8Or 5/8" Orange AA3/4Or 3/4" Orange
AA5/8Yel 5/8" Yellow AA3/4Yel 3/4" Yellow

Rubber Tubing/Tear Drop Split Strike Indicators

AAR3/8Or 3/8" Orange AAR1/2Or 1/2" Orange
AAR3/8Yel 3/8" Yellow AAR1/2Yel 1/2" Yellow
AAR3/8W 3/8" White AAR1/2W 1/2" White
AAR5/8Or 5/8" Orange    
AAR5/8Yel 5/8" Yellow AAR5/8W 5/8" White