Strike Indicators & Floats


NEW CorQs Strike Indicators

Eco-friendly, natural cork strike indicators are more buoyant than their composite/plastic counterparts. Three sizes and colors.

CORQ1/2C 1/2" Natural CORQ1/2N 1/2" Neon/Nat
CORQ5/8C 5/8" Natural CORQ5/8N 5/8" Neon/Nat
CORQ3/4C 3/4" Natural CORQ3/4N 3/4" Neon/Nat
CORQ1/2W 1/2" White/Nat    
CORQ5/8W 5/8" White/Nat    
CORQ3/4W 3/4" White/Nat    

Micro Ball Floats

AAMB1/4Or 1/4" Orange AAMB5/16Or 5/16" Orange
AAMB1/4Yel 1/4" Yellow AAMB5/16Yel 5/16" Yellow
AAMB3/8Or 3/8" Orange AAMB1/2Or 1/2" Orange
AAMB3/8Yel 3/8" Yellow AAMB1/2Yel 1/2" Yellow

Bulk Cord for Strike Indicators

12" cord to make your own yarn indicators.

PO24Y Yellow cord
PO24W White cord

Skip's Turn-On Strike Indicators

Bicolor indicators made of high density foam.

AE-TUIS Small 9/16"
AE-TUIM Medium 5/8"
AE-TUIL Large 3/4"

Millstream Pinch-On Foam Indicators

Color will not peel off or fade. Two sizes per sheet.


Palsa Pinch-On Floats

Twenty-four floats per sheet. Adhesive backing.

30001FO Orange
30001FP Pink
30001PW White
30001CH Chartreuse

Loon Outdoors Biostrike Strike Indicator Putty

Reuseable, high-float, biodegradable strike indicator putty.

F0149 Glo White
F0150 Orange
F0151 Yellow
F0153 Pink/Yellow (pictured)
F0154 Pink