Float & Sink Agents


Everyone has a favorite way to keep their flies on or under the water's surface.

TFT Ltd Solid Paste Mucilin

This floatant has been around forever - the same formula your father and grandfather used. Works as both a line cleaner and fly dressing, keeping both floating high. Felt applicator pad enclosed.

AA-MU "Red Can" paste mucilin
AA-MUS "Green Can" silicone paste mucilin

TFT Ltd Hourglass Dry Fly Floatant

Liquid silicone fly dressing that assures bouyancy and will not leave residue on the water's surface. Unique "hourglass" bottle make application easy and neat - just put the fly in the top of the bottle, recap and shake!

AA-MHG Hourglass liquid silicone in applicator bottle

Frog's Fanny Fly Treatment

Powder floatent that reconditions waterlogged dry flies. Fine brush attached to the lid allows precision application.

AAFFF Frog's Fanny Fly Treatment

Gehrke's Gink

A liquid emulsifier that penetrates deep into the body material of dry flies, whether synthetic or natural. Has no odor and leaves no oil slick on the water. Environmentally friendly.

AA-GINK Gehrke's Gink

Loon Outdoor's Aquel

Loon's bestselling silicone-based, temperature-stable fly floatant gel.

F0005 Aquel

Loon Outdoors Lochsa Floatant

A gel floatant specifically engineered to work on CDC flies. It is environmentally friendly, odorless and leaves no oily residue on the water.

F0006 Lochsa Floatant

Loon Outdoors Royal Gel

Temperature-stable, iridescent floatant mimics nature and improves visibility.

F0020 Royal Gel

Loon Outdoors Fly Spritz 2

The world's only water-based spray floatant; environmentally friendly.

F0256 Fly Spritz 2