Gold Band Premium Forceps

Our premium line of tools for the discerning angler. Gold Band tools are manufactured with JS30 grade stainless steel in two finishes, featuring either gold or silver bands.

5" Spring Creek Gold Band Forcep AA brand item

A classic size and weight, this surgical-grade stainless steel forcep is available in two finishes, including matte stainless with 24 carat gold plated handles; smooth, straight jaws

AA333GB Matte stainless/gold finish
AA666GB Matte black/silver finish

5.5" Gold Band Straight Forcep AA brand item

A slightly beefier stainless steel forcep in two finishes; straight jaws

AA777GB Matte stainless/gold finish
AA888GB Matte black/silver finish

NEW Gold Band Shot Slayer Forcep AA brand item

A heavy duty forcep with a clever split shot remover built in for ultimate convenience; straight jaws

AA-SS Matte stainless/gold finish