Holders, Tethers & Caddies

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Our largest catagory - but one of the most important! What good are accessories and flies if you can't keep them at hand?

NEW Smith Creek Middle Fork Fly Patch™

Double-sided fly patch that protects flies from loss due to rub-offs. Includes zinger attachment and alternative cable attachment.

MFF Grey slit foam/plastic with zinger and cable

NEW Smith Creek Rig Keeper™

Dropper rig system that keeps multiple hook rigs secure and protected.

RK Grey slit foam with cable loop

NEW Smith Creek Net Holster™

Handy clip that attaches to your belt and holds your net securely out of the way.

NHG Web/natural wool with matte black clip

NEW Smith Creek Rod Clip™

Free your hands to change a fly or lure, or show off a trophy catch. This wearable fishing rod clip holds light to medium weight rods gently but firmly.

RCB Anodized aluminum and UV resistant foam

Hemo Holster

Saddle leather sheath, tightly molded to hold forceps securely. (Forceps not included)

AA-HH Brown leather with belt loop

Millstream Clip-On Ripple Foam Fly Patch

Clips to vest, lanyard or tackle bag. Handy knot chart on backer card.

RP Closed cell foam with plastic clip and backer card

Millstream Ripple Foam Fly Box Refills

Trimmable closed cell foam with pressure-sensitive adhesive to replace worn liners.

RRS Sml (4.125"x 2.75") one ripple/one flat foam sheet
RRM Med (5.5"x 3.625") one ripple/one flat foam sheet
RRB Boat Patch (12"x 15") ripple foam sheet


Magnetic holder that keeps track of your tippet/line so you don't have to.

AA-TTAC Plastic with magnets