Ketchums & Knot Tyers

Two important streamside accessories that help get and KEEP your flies on your line.

Tie-Fast Knot Tyer

The ORIGINAL nail knot tyer made of stainless steel in the USA. Two sizes. Instructions included.

AA623S Matte stainless finish
AA623B Matte black finish
AA623SW 6" saltwater size in matte stainless finish

Tie-Fast Combo Tool

This handy tool includes a clean-out needle, clipper, a nail knot tool and a tungsten carbide sharpener in one neat package.

AA600S Matte stainless finish
AA600B Matte black finish

Three-in-One Knot Tying Tool

Made of Delron and stainless steel, this tool includes a magnetic hook threader and instructions on how to tie over 14 different knots.

LPC Stainless/black finish

Ketchum Release Tool

Saves fish AND flies.

KR10 Midge version
KR16 Standard version
KR20 Big Bug version

Ty-Rite Hook Holder

The easiest way to tie flies, hooks, swivels or lures to your leader. No more dropped flies or hooked fingers. Instructions included. Lifetime guarantee.

AA-TYSr Standard size
AA-TYJr Midge size