More of Mountain River Lanyards awesome fishing lanyards and accessories that will make them yours.

Double Haul Lanyard

The Double Haul is a lanyard and pack in one. It features MRL's standard padded neck and safety release, but that's as far as the resemblance goes. Double Haul's pack cloth pouch contains a slit foam fly patch and two mesh pockets for tippets and/or accessories, as well as a bottle holder and two D-rings. The whole thing closes securely with Velcro® to keeps things safe and sound.

DBLHAUL Double Haul Pack Lanyard

Downstream Lanyard

This basic lanyard is a great place to start. It has custom beadwork, the standard padded neck and safety release, a vertical tippet holder, two accessory snaps, floatant caddy, and trout print chamois. Add whatever accessories you need as you go along. The possibilities are endless!

DWNSTRM Downstream lanyard

Tippet Holders

Need to carry lots of tippet? Add one of our optional holders to any lanyard.

VTIPPET Vertical Tippet Holder
HTIPPET Horizontal Tippet Holder

Floatant Caddy

Want to carry both float and sink liquids? This optional neoprene caddy makes that totally possible. Snap one on!

FLCADDY Floatant Caddy

Chamois Pack

Pack of three trout print chamois cloths to replace a worn or dirty cloth.

CHAMOIS Chamois Pack