Line Dressings, Cleaners & Reel Lube

Make your line faster cleaner and more buoyant, and keep your reel in tiptop shape.

TFT Ltd Solid Paste Mucilin

Yes, the same mucilin that works superbly as a floatant also cleans and restores buoyancy to fly lines.

AA-MU "Red can" natural mucilin
AA-MUS "Green can" silicone mucilin

Loon Outdoors Line Speed

Silicone based fly line cleaner and dressing.

F0115 Line Speed

Loon Outdoors Stream Line

Water-based line lube.

F0401 Stream Line

Loon Outdoors Line Cleaning Tool

Hardwood blocks lined with natural sheepskin for use with line dressings like Line Speed and Stream Line.

F0253 Line Cleaning Tool

Loon Outdoors Reel Lube

Lubricant formulated especially for fine fly reels.

F0040 Reel Lube