Miscellaneous Gadgets


Here are some of the imaginative accessories that don't quite fit into a category, but are definitely worth a look.

40" Measuring Tape

40"metal measuring tape with tape lock and light screw lock carabiner; marked in inches. Makes a handy keychain!

MT40 Metal 40" Measuring Tape

Cloth Measuring Tape

60"coated cloth measuring tape is lightweight and retractable; marked in inches and centimeters.

PT60 Cloth Measuring Tape

5" Streamside Thermometer

A self-draining thermometer in a protective metal case; Fahrenheit and centigrade displays.

AA409 Streamside Thermometer

Encased Streamside Thermometer

Tough, self-draining metal case for more protection; Fahrenheit and centigrade displays.

AA409G Encased Streamside Thermometer

Fly-Rite Stomach Pump

Use this handy tapered tool to "match the hatch" with minimal injury to fish.

AA-SP Stomach Pump

Leader Straightener with Snap

Run your kinked leader between the rubber sheets sandwiched in this leather fob to straighten it easily; with matte black snap

LS1 Leader Straightener with snap

Leader Straightener with Split Ring

Same as LS1, but with a split ring.

LS3 Leader Straightener with split ring

Dehm's Fly Dryer

Tough, absorbent (up to 2 tsp. of water instantly!) pad inside leather covers will not damage delicate flies.

AA-DFD Dehm's Fly Dryer


Neoprene finger guard that protects against abrasions while cleaning and conditioning your line. Available in M, L or XL, tans only.

AA-STRP Stripee Finger Guard