Miscellaneous Gadgets


We're not done yet! Here are more gadgets to make (fishing) life easier.

20/20 Magnetic Tippet Threader

A handy device that aligns tippet end and hook eye with a magnet to make threading a breeze.

AA-MTT 20/20 Magnetic Tippet Threader


Net-mounted tape measures fish in the landing net to reduce stress and handling.

AD-HM Handi-Measure


Converts your landing net to a seine to capture stream insects for more effective fly selection.

AD-QSS Standard Quick-Seine (9" to 13" hoops)
AD-QSL Large Quick-Seine (10.5" to 18.5" hoops)

Spudz Lens Cleaners

6"x 6" microfiber lens cloth sew into its own neoprene pouch with snap hook. available in three prints or black. Also available in a 10"x 10" version, black only.

SPUDZ-R Rainbow Trout
SPUDZ-F Brown Trout
SPUDZ-C Camo Print (not pictured)
SPUDZ-B Encased Streamside Thermometer
SPUDZ-G Guide/Boat Bag Spudz (black only)

Cap Magnifiers

Powerful magnifying lenses that clip to your hat or visor.

VM10 +3.00 diopters (1.75 power)
VM12 +4.00 diopters (2.00 power)
VM14 +5.00 diopters (2.25 power)

Clip On Magnifiers

Magnifying lenses that connect to glasses and flip up when not in use.

OD10 +2.25 diopters (1.5 power)
OD12 +3.00 diopters (1.75 power)
OD14 +4.00 diopters (2.00 power)


Hands-free 2x magnifier with a 3x flip-down lens. Adjustable headband. Perfect low-vision aid.

MV23 MagniVisor

NEW Trash Fish™

Eco-friendly spent line wrangler controls waste monofilament, leader and tippet material. Made of anodized aluminium.

TF Trash Fish

Quik Tye Hook Threader

This simple threader works on a wide range (size 6-22) of fly sizes and has a pocket clip and lanyard ring for easy attachment to a vest.

QT Quik Tye Hook Threader

EZE-Lap Hook Sharpener

Versatile diamond-coated sharpener can sharpen anything – knives, scissors, etc. – and has a specialized groove for fish hooks.

S EZE-Lap Sharpener