Retractors & Zingers

Keep all your tools and accessories at handy with these handy gadgets!

Deluxe Pin-On Retractor AA brand item

Tough 24" tough nylon cord with a large split ring

AA41 Plastic case with nylon cord

Standard Net Retractor AA brand item

24+" cable with split ring

SH895 Black vinyl/stainless case with stainless clip

Deluxe Net Retractor AA brand item

Now lighter and smaller; 34" kevlar cable

AA485D Black case with aluminum carabiner

Snap-On Retractor AA brand item

26" nylon cord with D-ring

SH32 Black plastic case and clip

Clip-On and Pin-On Retractors AA brand item

Classic zinger-type retractor with heavy duty and 16" nylon cord or wire cable.

SH253P Silver Pin-On with Wire Cable
SH254P Black Pin-On with Wire Cable
SH453C Silver Clip-On with Wire Cable
SH454C Black Clip-On with Wire Cable
SH792C Black Clip-On with Nylon Cord
SH892C Silver Clip-On with Nylon Cord
SH892P Black Pin-On with Nylon Cord

Coil Retractor AA brand item

Simple pigtail coil retractor gives full arm-length range and mobility; attaches on either end with a stainless clip.

AA-COIL Black only