Good quality scissors are one of the most important tools for any fly tyer. Angler's Accessories carries a wide range of scissors for tyers from novice to expert.

NEW 5" Gold Band Scissors AA brand item

These premium surgical-grade stainless steel scissors, available in matte stainless with 24 carat gold-plated handles are both elegant and supremely functional.

AA15GB Matte stainless/gold finish

NEW 4" Gold Band Straight Forcep AA brand item

Razor sharp, fine-tip addition to the Gold Band premium line available in the trademark stainless/gold finish.

AA14GB Matte stainless/gold finish

3.5" Super Scissors AA brand item

Basic, straight scissor in stainless steel.

AA13S Bright stainless finish

4" Super Scissors AA brand item

Traditional straight scissor in stainless steel with gold plated handles and extra large loops.

AA14S Bright stainless/gold finish

Ultra-fine Microtip Scissors AA brand item

4" stainless and gold scissor made of high quality German steel with the finest matched tips available.

AA4FT Bright stainless/gold finish

Sierra Stream & Mountain Snip-Fast Folding Scissors

The ultimate folding scissor for stream side or tying bench. Stainless steel blades and large loops fold into a compact unit with no sharp edges. Made in the USA.

AA133 Bright stainless finish